How does NuGen's Bright Sparks work?

Each academic year will include:

  • A launch conference hosted by NuGen at Energus, to which all participating teachers and pupils will be invited.
  • Information sheets, lesson plans and other resources on the three subject areas, with suggestions on further research resources for students.
  • Visits to a power station.
  • In-school workshops.
  • The Schools’ Energy Conference at Energus – where each school will compete for individual and team prizes.

Key themes and careers focus for NuGen's Bright Sparks

  • Science and technology – making the link between NuGen’s project and careers in industry.
  • Environment and sustainability – how environmental concerns and NuGen’s commitment to sustainability are dealt with by environmental professionals, with a focus on the skills they use.
  • Communications – linking NuGen’s own work in communications into how we engage with key stakeholders. Students will get access to communications and public relations professionals working in industry, to provide career advice on how qualifications in this area can lead to a career in industry.
  • Planning and Permitting – linking NuGen’s planning for Moorside, and its public consultation, to provide students insight on associated careers.
  • Civic Society – linking industry’s interaction with stakeholders, including politicians and the work of Government, in to how large infrastructure projects are developed and granted. This strand will also focus on sustainability, and how we could all use electricity more wisely.


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