NuGen's Bright Sparks... encouraging keen youngsters to understand electricity production, sustainability, and the career options afforded by the electricity generation industry.

NuGen’s Bright Sparks education programme focuses on engagement with teachers and pupils at schools close to Moorside site and explores educational and societal issues around the need for new electricity production.

Click here to watch a short animated video about Bright Sparks.

The initiative will be split into three subject areas:


NuGen will work closely with schools to explore topics like the need for electricity, how we generate it, how we use it, and how we can create a sustainable energy future.

Bright Sparks will help encourage and inspire pupils to explore the societal context of electricity production and usage, and by using the context of Moorside’s development phase, emphasise the diversity of career paths in electricity production available to school leavers.

NuGen aims for Bright Sparks to complement the curriculum and provide extra resource for teachers and schools without being a burden to them. The Moorside development phase provides an interesting backdrop to demonstrate to students the diversity of career paths open to them.


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