Green Grants

NuGen’s commitment to the environment and sustainability are at the core of its plans to develop a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria, capable of generating up to 3.8GW of electricity from a sustainable source.

The aim of the Green Grants Scheme, which will award grants of up to £5,000, is to provide support to schemes and projects focused on environmental enhancement, or sustainable improvements that result in a long term benefit to the environment and communities local to the Moorside Site.

Our Green Grants scheme is once again open for community projects to apply for support to help them improve the local environment close to the Moorside Project.

Last year, the scheme attracted a great response with more than 60 applications and 17 successful schemes being awarded Green Grants worth more than £37,000.

Like last year’s scheme, Green Grants 2016 will be open to applicants in three categories. Small grants of up to £500, medium grants up to £1,000 and large grants worth up to £5,000.

Register your interest - (link to Green Grants registration form)

NuGen Green Grants 2015

A film, highlighting projects that will improve the local environment and promote sustainability in West Cumbria. Earlier this year, NuGen, whose aim is to build a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria, identified 17 community projects to receive Green Grants worth £37,000 to help improve and enhance the local environment providing long-term benefits to the local community.

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Green Grants A3 Poster & Green Grants leaflet and freepost form

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